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Wholesale Auto Dealer Licensing

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License for Wholesalers

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Starting your own auto dealership is easier when you turn to DriveAuto Inc. for wholesale dealer licensing.
We offer more dealer plates initially and lower taxes.

Answering Your Questions

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Our program allows you to take advantage of licensing and doesn't force you to learn a business that takes multiple years to cultivate with limits and quotas unachievable by the novice auto wholesaler. Read our frequently asked questions to gain a better understanding of the process.

Contact us today for more information about purchasing your auto dealer license.

The Auto Club is a service we offer to our dealers where you can sign up your customers.

About Us

DriveAuto Inc. is a company of wholesale dealers who recognized the need for flexibility in obtaining auto dealer licensing and learning the business. Backed by more than 10 years of industry experience, we are licensed in four different states and understand what it takes to become a wholesale dealer in different regions of the United States.

Currently housed in the Southeast United States, our program greatly benefits the part-time dealer and will continue to grow to become an integral part of the auto industry. With Southern hospitality and a friendly office staff, we are committed to your success as an auto wholesaler.